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March 2014 Archives

Pennsylvania man wrongfully jailed for 13 years seeks justice

A 36-year-old Philadelphia man recently filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court seeking punitive and compensatory damages after a judge overturned his 2002 conviction on felony drug charges. Through his attorney, the plaintiff alleged in a 41-page complaint that three police officers committed a federal crime by violating his civil rights. The plaintiff says that the three police officers made up things on the arrest records and then provided false testimony against him at his trail. The plaintiff was convicted of drug charges and served 13 years out of a possible 22 and a half year sentence, despite never having been found with drugs in his possession. He is alleging false arrest and malicious imprisonment, in addition to unjust incarceration.

Man pleads guilty to fraud charges in Pennsylvania federal court

A man has pleaded guilty in federal court in Pennsylvania to perpetrating a loan scheme that netted a significant profit. The man, age 34, entered a guilty plea during proceedings on March 18. He was accused of federal fraud of nearly $4 million, having allegedly taken money from people who were looking for loans for their humanitarian endeavors.

Filing taxes online can increase chance of identity theft

No matter if you are one of our Pennsylvania readers or reside elsewhere in the United States, it does not change the fact that you may e-file your tax return this year. While the convenience of doing so is a huge benefit, it can lead to an increased chance of identity theft.

Pennsylvania man arrested out-of-state for more federal crimes

A Pennsylvania criminal defendant who had been released on his own recognizance pending the outcome of a criminal trial is once again in custody. The man, age 28, had been ordered to stay in Western Pennsylvania by a judge after he was accused of several federal crimes. The man allegedly defrauded computer buyers and banks. He was arrested in late February in Arizona after allegedly disobeying the judge's orders and traveling throughout the nation.

Pittsburgh man on federal probation now accused of counterfeiting

If a person has been accused of a nonviolent federal crime such as fraud, then it may be possible for that person to be released from police custody pending the trial. However, the general stipulation for remaining free during that time period is that the defendant must not leave the state and not commit any crimes.

Update: Russian student to stay in PA jail on bomb charge

If you have been arrested and accused of a serious criminal offense, then any prior convictions on your record could factor into a judge's decision to keep you incarcerated up until your trial. Prosecutors often argue in favor of keeping defendants imprisoned, even if not all of the relevant facts of the case have been considered.

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