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Pennsylvania man sentenced to prison after convicted of fraud

A Pennsylvania man reportedly found himself in some serious legal difficulties after being accused of fraud charges. He decided to plead guilty in federal court to conning people out of $1.3 million, after he promised commercial grade generators and never delivered them. The victims claim the man did not have the generators to begin with, and the man ultimately decided to negotiate a plea deal with authorities. This may have led to a more positive outcome for him based upon the fraud charges he faced.

Reports indicate that the man pleaded guilty to the fraud charges against him and was recently sentenced in the case. The man has said that he regrets what happens and claims it was a poor decision to make. At least part of the motivation he apparently gave for the alleged crimes was the desire to be financially prepared for the future.

The man had promised some people that he would provide them with commercial power generators. Those who provided the man with money for the generators say the man never held up his end of the bargain and gave them their generators. One person said they paid $250,000 as a down payment for one of the generators but that he never received it.

Accusations and a conviction such as this can have serious repercussions for any Pennsylvania resident. Anyone accused of fraud crimes such as these may wish to fully research their rights under the law. For some, pleading guilty of the charges to gain a more favorable outcome could be the best decision. For others, mounting a vigorous criminal defense against the allegations could be the right choice to make.

Source:, NW Pa. man gets fed prison in $1.3M generator scam, No author, Dec. 24, 2013

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