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Man faces child pornography charges in Pennsylvania

When a person faces charges for a sex-related crime involving a child, people in the community can feel angry or even violated. Still, the person who has been charged can rightfully defend themselves because they are not guilty unless this is successfully proved. The state carries the burden to prove that an individual indeed did engage in the illegal acts that led to their child pornography charges.

A person has recently been arrested on child pornography charges in Pennsylvania. The arrest was made after police said he molested a girl and recorded the act on his cell phone. Police had been conducting an investigation of a computer in the area that featured a minimum of 275 files of child porn.

Police searched the basement of a building after getting a search warrant and found a computer Ethernet cable and mouse. Employees on the property said that the man who was charged had a laptop in the basement and complained when the Internet in the building was not working properly. Police eventually discovered his laptop in his truck and the computer's hard drive in the basement.

If someone is charged with child pornography charges, the government in a court of law has to prove that this person actually committed such a crime. Also, the evidence used to prove the legitimacy of these charges must be obtained in a lawful manner in order to be used in court in Pennsylvania. The burden of proof lies with the state because if a person ends up being charged with child pornography, this can permanently impact their lives. They will have to report their new addresses to authorities when they move, for example, and they also will be barred from living or working near schools, churches, daycare centers or other places where kids gather. Someone who faces charges child pornography charges can rightfully defend themselves and are viewed as innocent unless they are proved guilty according to strict legal guidelines.

Source:, Man arrested in Allentown child porn sting had video of himself sexually assaulting child, records say, Sarah Cassi, Sept. 6, 2013

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