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September 2013 Archives

Drug charges follow 3-home raid in Pennsylvania

When people in an area learn that local people have been arrested and charged with drug possession, they may automatically consider them to be in the wrong. Those individuals who have been charged, though, are still innocent unless their guilt is proven in court. The Pennsylvania government has the burden of proof when someone faces drug charges, and this is the case of several individuals who were recently arrested during a raid in Pennsylvania.

Priest faces child solicitation charges in Pennsylvania

When a trusted authority figure in the community faces child solicitation charges, locals may feel a range of emotions. These feelings may range from shock to frustration and even being offended. The person who faces these charges, however, is always considered innocent unless they are proved guilty according to strict legal guidelines. It is the responsibility of the state of Pennsylvania to furnish evidence that establishes guilt in a case involving child solicitation charges.

Man faces child pornography charges in Pennsylvania

When a person faces charges for a sex-related crime involving a child, people in the community can feel angry or even violated. Still, the person who has been charged can rightfully defend themselves because they are not guilty unless this is successfully proved. The state carries the burden to prove that an individual indeed did engage in the illegal acts that led to their child pornography charges.

Pennsylvania rapper faces drug charges

When area residents read about people being arrested and charged with possessing drugs, they might immediately view them as wrongdoers and lawbreakers. However, these people legally are not guilty unless this is proven in a court of law. The government in Pennsylvania absolutely has to meet its burden of proof when drug charges are in question.

Pennsylvania man pleads guilty to child pornography charges

When a person is accused of a sex-related crime involving a child, emotions in the community can run wild. However, in this type of case, the individual who has been charged with the crime has the right to defend themselves because by law, they are innocent until proved guilty. It is the state's responsibility to ultimately prove guilt when a person faces child pornography charges.

Pennsylvania must meet burden of proof to sustain drug charges

When local residents see reports of people being arrested on drug charges, they may automatically write these individuals off as being in the wrong. However, these individuals are entitled to tell their sides when they go to court. The government must meet its burden of proof in cases of drug charges, which recently happened to one man Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania domestic complaint results in gun charges

Citizen complaints serve as the beginning of a large number of police investigations. When a complaint comes in and an officer responds to the scene, their investigation may lead far beyond what the original complaint was for. In a recent case, where a complaint came in for a domestic disturbance, police have taken a Pennsylvania man into custody on gun charges as well as several other offenses.

Pennsylvania police arrest 18 in drug trafficking investigation

Joint investigations conducted by law enforcement can bring down serious charges to a large number of people. In such investigations, Pennsylvania law enforcement agents will use a wide range of techniques to secure the evidence they need to execute search and arrest warrants on those they suspect are involved in drug trafficking. In a recent investigation, 18 individuals have been arrested who police claim were part of a violent gang that distributed heroin in the Wilkinsburg area.

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