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August 2013 Archives

Pennsylvania police raid leads to drug trafficking charges

It can take a substantial period of time for law enforcement to build a case against a targeted individual. Surveillance, controlled purchases and the use of under cover officers can all be utilized in order to accumulate enough evidence to secure a court approved search warrant. When this warrant is issued, and Pennsylvania authorities enter a targeted residence, what they find inside can serve as their basis for the filing of drug trafficking charges.

Pennsylvania coach faces child pornography charges

Law enforcement officials in Pennsylvania have reported that they have arrested a man that makes his living by coaching children. The man, who is a wrestling coach in the state, is now facing child pornography charges. Police have stated that they had been given a tip at some point late last year about the alleged crime.

Alleged gang member arrested for drug possession in Pennsylvania

A 24-year-old man who is believed to be a member of the Bloods was arrested recently after police found large amounts of cocaine, heroin and crack in his vehicle, along with $6,000 in cash and two cell phones. Court papers claim that he was about to do a drug deal at the time police searched his vehicle. He is now in a Pennsylvania jail on multiple charges of drug possession.

Unidentified woman booked in Pennsylvania on white collar charges

Being convicted of a white collar crime can often result in severe consequences that include long prison sentences. A woman has been arrested in Pennsylvania for alleged identify theft, but right now, police do not know who she actually is. In addition to the current white collar charges, she may face additional criminal counts for similar crimes that police believe she committed elsewhere in the region.

Pennsylvania family accused of committing federal crimes

Money can sometimes drive people to curious and often illegal courses of action. When these actions involve potentially stealing money from the government, though, then the repercussions for committing such federal crimes can be much more severe. Two Pennsylvania women have recently been accused of obtaining funds from the government to care for a child but spending the money on themselves, instead.

Pennsylvania gun charges: Man claims gun belongs to wife, not him

Items that may be left behind by others in one's car can sometimes later cause problems for the driver. In one such example, a Pennsylvania man who was pulled over for speeding is now facing gun charges for a weapon found in a purse in his car. He explained to the police that the gun and the purse belonged to his wife.

Pennsylvania men facing drug charges

Pennsylvania residents may notice the amount of drug charges that are published in the different media outlets. Although it can be easy to quickly judge a situation or circumstance based on just a few facts, the accused is entitled to their day in court to present their case. A recent arrest has left three men each facing drug charges.

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