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Pennsylvania man faces drug charges for role in meth lab

Crystal Meth is one of the most dangerous drugs on the black market today. With the highly toxic chemicals that are used to manufacture it along with the risk of the mixture exploding, law enforcement have handed down heavy penalties for those convicted of a making the drug. However, the mere fact that someone faces drug charges for allegedly manufacturing meth, does not always equate to guilt. This fact makes the Pennsylvania criminal justice system that much more important to ensure those who are facing serious consequences are properly treated.

Police claim that they recently arrested a man who was involved in the manufacturing of Chrystal Meth. Police have stated that he is one of eight individuals who have been taken into custody for setting up a lab to make the drug. Police also claim that the man disposed of the chemicals in an improper way, which resulted in another criminal charge being issued against him.

Police say that the man was responsible for purchasing some of the chemicals to produce the drug and that he brought these chemicals back to a trailer to be manufactured. Two other men ages 31 and 28 were also believed to have assisted in the operation and face similar charges. The man is currently being held in jail for lack of $25,000 bail.

Although Pennsylvania police may claim to have enough evidence to issue drug charges against the man, this is a long ways from a prosecutor securing a conviction. In order to prove that this man was involved in the alleged operation, they must prove every element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. Without meeting this heavy burden, the man is entitled to a dismissal of the charges.

Source:, "Meyersdale police make eighth arrest in meth-making probe," Patrick Buchnowski, July 18, 2013

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