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July 2013 Archives

Gun charges among multiple counts for 3 Pittsburgh men

Three Pittsburgh men were allegedly involved in a recent shooting, and the mother of two of these men now faces a charge of tampering with evidence. The incident occurred in the early hours of a Sunday morning and resulted in one man suffering injury when a bullet became lodged in his vertebra. One of the accused was arrested on gun charges, but all three men face a number of criminal counts following the incident.

Pennsylvania college student faces child pornography charges

Of all the Internet crimes that can be committed, those involving children perhaps have the greatest impact on an individual's personal and professional life. Whether the accused person is convicted or not, he or she will undoubtedly be under a permanent cloud of suspicion in the eyes of the public. Therefore, it is imperative for anyone facing such a charge to have a strong criminal defense. A 22-year-old Pennsylvania college student has been arrested on child pornography charges, and he is now awaiting his preliminary hearing.

Police say Pennsylvania man faces weapons charges

When someone is accused of committing a crime, even if they are not guilty, their entire life can be permanently affected. One young man in Pennsylvania is facing weapons charges for reportedly stealing guns and rifles from a home. The man was arrested and was held pending further legal proceedings in his case.

Pennsylvania man faces drug charges for role in meth lab

Crystal Meth is one of the most dangerous drugs on the black market today. With the highly toxic chemicals that are used to manufacture it along with the risk of the mixture exploding, law enforcement have handed down heavy penalties for those convicted of a making the drug. However, the mere fact that someone faces drug charges for allegedly manufacturing meth, does not always equate to guilt. This fact makes the Pennsylvania criminal justice system that much more important to ensure those who are facing serious consequences are properly treated.

Pennsylvania traffic stop results in weapons, drug charges

It is often human nature to make assumptions. Some assumptions, sometimes based on facts, are more likely than others. However, these assumptions, while they may seem to be true, are not actually reality. In many cases, people can be accused of crimes based on this. One woman in Pennsylvania now faces drug charges after a traffic stop led to the search of a house.

Pennsylvania man makes deal after state, federal crimes case

There is little doubt that, for most Pennsylvania residents, facing allegations of federal crimes can be a scary ordeal to endure. Add in the complications that can arise from also facing accusations of state crimes, and it can be even scarier. One Pennsylvania man recently found himself in this position after being charged with federal crimes of bank robbery and a state crime of stolen property. This situation could have led to the man serving the sentence for each set of allegations separately; but fortunately he was able to work out a more favorable deal with authorities.

White collar charges are a common occurrence in Pennsylvania

White collar charges are far more common in Pennsylvania than one might believe. The consequences associated with a conviction for forgery can be extremely heavy. In fact, forgery charges that result in a criminal conviction can result in extensive jail time. However, individuals facing white collar charges have the right to defend themselves in a court of law. Obviously, this right is often best asserted with the aid of legal counsel for the construction of a strong defense. 

Drug charges can result from purchase of synthetic marijuana

Until 2011, smoke shops could be found throughout Pennsylvania, which legally sold synthetic marijuana and 'bath salts.' These substances attempt to mimic the effects of marijuana, cocaine, LSD and methamphetamines. They have now been added to the list of controlled substances. If caught with synthetic marijuana or 'bath salts' one can face serious drug charges.

Pennsylvania child pornography charges: Man, 58, nabbed in sting

A Pennsylvania man from Westmoreland County was recently arrested on child pornography charges. The Internet crimes accusations appear to have resulted from a law enforcement sting. Authorities say that the man now facing child pornography charges participated in a file sharing network that enabled him to download child pornography over a time period of approximately six weeks in April and May.

Texting tip line to prevent Pennsylvania drug possession

With the rapidly growing field of technology, it only makes sense that we use technology for the greater good. Police officers have technological equipment that they can use in the pursuit of justice. However, now citizens of Pennsylvania can use their technologies to assist officers in fighting crime. The DEA has initiated a counter attack on the rapidly growing crime of prescription drug use by setting up a texting line for anonymous tips when someone is in drug possession of prescription painkillers.

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