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Pennsylvania officer caught up in drug charges could be innocent

It seems as though society can't read a paper or watch the news without hearing about a story related to drug charges. When a person thinks of drug charges, more than likely they think of a police officer making the arrest, not being involved in the charges. A recent story involving a Pennsylvania police officer has proven otherwise.

The part-time officer's girlfriend and a friend of hers were charged with drug paraphernalia. These charges occurred while the two women were in the officer's personal automobile. According to reports, a heroin syringe and morphine tablets were in the vehicle. A gun which was registered to the officer was found as well. It was noted this was not his work weapon.

Although the officer was not in the vehicle at the time, he could still pay the consequences if he doesn't take the appropriate action. He has lost his job based on a decision by the board that he was involved in 'conduct unbecoming an officer.' He could potentially appeal this decision if he feels he was wrongly accused or there is further evidence that he was not involved in the drug charges.

Any Pennsylvania resident facing drug charges could benefit from knowing their rights under the state laws. Society can be quick to judge when a story makes headlines, but it is important for the accused that all facts are brought to light so a fair, unbiased decision can be made. This officer may wish to pursue action to clear his name so future employment opportunities aren't lost due to a blemish on his record.

Source:, "Pa. officer ousted over charges stemming from girlfriend's arrest on drug charges in his car," June 21, 2013

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