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June 2013 Archives

Pennsylvania man facing drug charges after traffic stop

Every time a police officer conducts a motor vehicle stop they are trained to perform certain tasks in order to learn as much about the vehicle's occupants as possible. With the vast databases at Pennsylvania officer's fingertips, they can often bring up large amounts of information in a matter of seconds, which can result in them taking an individual into custody. When this happens, police will often search the vehicle, which in some cases can result in the individual arrested facing drug charges if the search reveals the presence of illegal narcotics. Police stopped a vehicle on an Interstate highway for an unknown reason and came in contact with a 36-year-old man. Police stated that initially the man gave them a false name. However, the man later is said to have admitted to his true identity, which revealed that that the man had out-of-state warrants issued for his arrest.

Pennsylvania officer caught up in drug charges could be innocent

It seems as though society can't read a paper or watch the news without hearing about a story related to drug charges. When a person thinks of drug charges, more than likely they think of a police officer making the arrest, not being involved in the charges. A recent story involving a Pennsylvania police officer has proven otherwise.

Grandfather and grandson duo arrested for drug charges

Once again we find the specter of a very close family relationship supported by an allegedly intensive pattern of serious criminal activities. That seems to be true in Pennsylvania for a 73-year-old man and his 20-year-old grandson who lived together in their Pittsburgh home, and may have also been sharing hard drugs together. Police raided their home recently after a three-month investigation. They arrested both men on drug charges.

Top state law enforcer wants crime unit for more drug charges

In a press conference with all the bells and whistles, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Kathleen Kane, announced her quest for public funds for a mobile street crime unit to chase gangs from the state. The unit would have 20 employees go into a selected gang area and wipe out gang crime, while cutting off their drug supplies. This would mean a slew of drug charges in the selected Pennsylvania community.

Must store owners know when shoppers are committing tax fraud?

A Secret Service investigation in another state may leave retailers in Pittsburgh wondering what the federal government expects them to do as far as detecting possible tax fraud among their customers. The owner of a mall kiosk in another state has had nearly $380,000 seized by the federal government that investigators say was spent by customers who had illicitly obtained tax refunds that did not belong to them.

Marijuana legalization bill debated in Pennsylvania Senate

People in Pittsburgh likely know that the movement to legalize marijuana in the U.S. has gained momentum in recent years, as more people come to believe that the government should not imprison people for medicinal or recreational use. The pace has quickened in recent months as voters Colorado and Washington state passed refernedums legalizing possession, sale and use of certain amounts of marijuana.

Supreme Court decision could lead to warrantless DNA swabs in PA

A recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court allowing police officers to forcibly swab the cheeks of suspects to collect a DNA sample without a warrant could have a direct impact on the rights of people in Pennsylvania. The state currently does not allow these sorts of sampling of body tissues without a search warrant but the ruling could embolden legislators who are trying to change that.

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