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Wiz Khalifa makes PSA video in exchange for drug charge dismissal

Pittsburgh-born rapper Wiz Khalifa has avoided prosecution for alleged drug possession through a plead deal. In exchange for prosecutors dropping marijuana possession charges, the popular hip-hop artists made a public-service video encouraging children to make good life choices.

Police in another state cited Khalifa, whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, on suspicion of marijuana possession after he performed a concert. The officer, claiming he smelled marijuana coming from Thomaz' tour bus, entered the bus and ordered everyone outside. After obtaining a search warrant, the officer allegedly found more than 11 grams of marijuana. He accused Thomaz of possessing half an ounce. In all, nearly 20 people received drug charges.

It was the first drug arrest for Thomaz in that state and prosecutors said that his celebrity did not factor in their decision to agree to the plea bargain. As part of the agreement, Khalifa created a short video telling children to stay in school and take responsibility for their actions. The video is expected to be shown at a charter school in the area where the drug arrest occurred.

Khalifa's attorney said that the plea bargain will end up creating a positive result. "In the long run, the kids win out," the attorney said. Young people look up to Khalifa and will likely listen to the message in the video, the attorney predicted.

The video satisfied Khalifa's community service obligations under the plea bargain. The other people arrested on or near the tour bus also received similar community service deals.

Source: Winston-Salem Journal, "Possession charge against Wiz Khalifa dismissed; rapper appears in video aimed at students as part of community service," Michael Hewlett, May 8, 2013

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