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May 2013 Archives

Pennsylvania driver arrested at police DUI checkpoint

While police agencies in Pennsylvania are allowed to conduct DUI checkpoints to search for impaired drivers, they must follow specific procedures. For example, to be granted permission by the court to set up a checkpoint, police must establish a mathematical process for stopping vehicles -- say, every fourth vehicle -- to avoid the possibility of profiling, or detaining drivers based on their race, gender or any reason having nothing to do with their possible intoxication.

Former Pennsylvania judge facing drug charges over evidence

A former longtime Pennsylvania county judge is being accused of tampering with evidence in drug cases that he presided over. Prosecutors have levelled several misdemeanor charges against the former judge, including drug possession and theft and felony conflict of interest.

Former western Pa. priest facing federal child pornography charge

Federal prosecutors have charged a priest who used to preside over a church in western Pennsyvlania with one count of possession of child pornography. Few details of what the government is accusing the defendant of are available but given the nature of the alleged child pornography crime and the defendant's position as a priest it is likely that the case will be prosecuted aggressively.

2 Pittsburgh-area suspects facing federal drug charges

While it may not seem to make much difference from the outside, whether a drug crimes suspect is charged in state or federal court can be very important. A guilty verdict could result in prison time in either venue. But federal courts generally rely on federal sentencing guidelines that have become increasingly harsh over the years as politicians seek to portray themselves as "tough on crime."

Partial conviction for ex-police officer accused of drug charges

A former Pittsburgh police officer who faced 17 criminal charges at trial earlier in May was convicted of several charges but was found not guilty of nine of the charges. He was acquitted of promoting prostitution, theft and several other charges, likely reducing the sentence he will face.

Wiz Khalifa makes PSA video in exchange for drug charge dismissal

Pittsburgh-born rapper Wiz Khalifa has avoided prosecution for alleged drug possession through a plead deal. In exchange for prosecutors dropping marijuana possession charges, the popular hip-hop artists made a public-service video encouraging children to make good life choices.

Woman won't face charges after leaving family in 2002

A Pennsylvania woman who was believed to be deceased after vanishing more than 11 years ago apparently will not face federal charges or prosecution at the state level after suddenly resurfacing alive in another state. The woman left behind two children and an estranged husband when she disappeared.

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