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April 2013 Archives

Pittsburgh-area man says child porn a result of his sexual abuse

A Pittsburgh-area man arrested on charges that he had downloaded images of child pornography reportedly told investigators that he welcomed the arrest as a "godsend" and a chance to enter into professional counseling to deal with sexual abuse he endured as a child. This case may be typical of many where child pornography possession charges are involved, where the defendant is struggling with an addiction he or she wishes to break.

Judge blocks FBI's computer hacking request for vagueness

When a federal, state or local law enforcement agency wants to search somebody's home or property in Pittsburgh, they generally must get a search warrant first. The principle behind this is to prevent police from conducting random searches of people's homes with little to no pretext. Our nation was founded on the idea of limited police powers and the Fourth Amendment in the Bill of Rights helps enshrine this principle with its warrant requirement.

Federal conviction on drug charges can mean long sentence

The federal government's War on Drugs rages on in the U.S. and the Pittsburgh area is not excluded from this campaign. Residents found guilty of drug possession or trafficking in federal court can expect to face potentially severe punishment under federal sentencing guidelines, which often include mandatory minimums. These congressionally-created guidelines often result in judges' ability to consider a defendant's individual circumstances are strictly limited.

Pennsylvania man fights his child pornography case alone

A Pennsylvania man will be going to trial on child pornography charges. According to reports, the man downloaded approximately 3,000 images of child pornography on a computer in his home. The charges derived from an FBI investigation, which began in October 2012.

Felony charges, no bail for YouTube threats against police

A 19-year-old East Liberty man had been charged with drug and weapons offenses, along with fleeing and eluding police. According to the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office, he reacted by getting together with a friend and posting a rap video on YouTube which included lyrics threatening to kill Pittsburgh police officers and called out two Highland Park officers by name.

Were drug charges against wrestling coach a frame-up?

After a popular high school wrestling coach in central Pennsylvania was arrested on suspicion of drug crimes recently, parents of some of the athletes on the coach's team rose to his defense. They said that the coach was framed by someone who planted drug paraphernalia at his home and sent an anonymous tip to the police.

Does Pennsylvania prosecute Internet 'thought crimes?'

Readers in Pittsburgh have probably heard the case of the "cannibal cop," the police officer who was convicted recently of conspiring to kidnap, murder and consume four women, including the defendant's wife. The case was noteworthy because the prosecution's case largely consisted of Internet chats between the defendant and others online where they would discuss acts of cannibalism. In fact, the defendant never took significant steps to turn these chats, which some characterize as online role-playing, into a real-world attack on any of the women.

Man facing federal charges after groping incident on airplane

Federal authorities have filed charges against an airline passenger for allegedly touching a flight attendant inappropriately. The story may be an alert to readers in Pennsylvania that the Justice Department and the FBI may consider your actions while flying on a jet to justify a federal charge.

College student arrested for vandalism may have been protesting

It appears that an act of vandalism at the University of Pittsburgh may have been in protest of the university's policy toward the working conditions at the overseas factories where its licensed clothing and apparel were made. Police in Oakland have arrested a Pitt student they say used spray paint to write "WRC" in the commons area of the Cathedral of Learning building on campus. He reportedly has been charged with two felonies and two misdemeanors.

Pittsburgh man falsely accused of sexual assault tells his story

A Pittsburgh-area man who was dragged out of bed in the middle of the night by gun-wielding police based on accusations of sexual assault by a woman who later turned out to have invented the story says that the incident was "scary." Likely most people who have been in similar situations would agree. The story shows how sexual assault arrests are frequently based mostly, if not entirely, on the word of the alleged victim.

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