"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
- Stephen M. Misko

Ex-police officer charged with hit and run in fatal accident

| Jan 18, 2013 | Criminal Charges |

A former police officer for the Pittsburgh area says he did not know that he had struck a person in a car accident until investigators told him. The man, a retired member of the Allegheny County police, is facing serious criminal charges in connection with the accident, which fatally injured a 56-year-old woman early on Jan. 16.

The accident took place in McKeesport. The suspect had just dropped off his former daughter-in-law at her home after work and was heading to his home in White Oak when he struck something. At the time, he thought he hit a dog. He continued home and, upon inspecting the damage to his SUV, thought it may have been a deer instead. But he never saw a person strike his SUV, he told police.

The suspect spent nearly 12 hours at the bar where the ex-daughter-in-law works. He said he drank three beers in that time. It does not appear at this point that authorities are going to charge him with DUI. However, after tracing debris from the accident scene to the former police officer’s vehicle, investigators arrested him on suspicion of causing an accident involving death or serious injury and careless driving.

Many details of the accident are still unclear. The woman who was killed was a resident of a nearby senior care facility. The facility serves older people who cannot care for themselves. It is not clear how the woman ended up on the street late at night or where she was going.

Source: KDKA-TV, “Former Officer Arrested In Fatal Hit And Run,” Ralph Iannotti, Jan. 18, 2013