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"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
- Stephen M. Misko

Second falsely arrested man suing city of Pittsburgh

| May 18, 2012 | Federal Drug Charges |

The arrests of two Pittsburgh-area men in 2010 that were later overturned by video evidence have resulted in a second lawsuit. As in the previous suit, the plaintiff is accusing two Pittsburgh police officers of arresting him on drug charges without probable cause and lying on the arrest affidavit.

The plaintiff was one of two men arrested at a Pittsburgh car wash in July 2010. The arresting officers later claimed they observed the men exchange drugs before arresting them, but footage from a security video at the car wash proved that the so-called drug deal did not happen.

The officers later admitted falsifying information on the arrest affidavits they filled out for the case. One of the officers said he simply copied the information contained in his partner’s affidavit, which included several factual errors. The officers were criminally charged in connection with the incident, but were not convicted. Still, one of the officers retired from the force and the other was reassigned to the Warrant Office.

The lawsuit, which names the officers and the city of Pittsburgh as defendants, alleges false arrest, malicious prosecution and other charges. The city solicitor declined comment on the suit, which joins a similar suit by the other arrested man.

After the video surfaced, the Allegheny County District Attorney reviewed the officers’ prior arrests and dropped charges in several cases which relied on their affidavits.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “2nd lawsuit filed against Pittsburgh for false drug arrest,” Rich Lord, May 15, 2012