"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
- Stephen M. Misko

Members of Pittsburgh drug ring indicted on federal charges

| Dec 19, 2011 | Federal Drug Charges |

The complexities of a federal drug case exceed that of a state drug case due to the constitutional and evidentiary issues that come along with such a charge. The prestige of a federal case brings aggressive prosecution and a thorough investigation into the matters of the case. Ultimately, prosecutors will seek long prison sentences, and that is why the defendants of any federal drug trafficking charges must secure proper legal representation.

This is the reality for the members of a Pittsburgh drug ring that was busted in late September. Four people were arrested in a raid and were charged with drug trafficking. According to an official at the Pittsburgh division of the Drug Enforcement Agency around $3 million in drugs were found during the raid, though he could not confirm that this organization was the original source of the drugs. That aspect of the case remains under investigation.

These federal drug trafficking charges can carry a hefty sentence, ranging from ten years to life in prison and there can be a $10 million fine as well. It is a serious offense that must be reviewed by a knowledgeable legal team who can find any factual and legal errors made by drug agents involved in the case or the prosecutors pursuing the case.

One of the members arrested in this case was both an assistant football coach and the basketball coach of a local high school. A news release stated that he is accused of conspiring to distribute drugs with three other men arrested in September.

Source: Beaver County Times, “Four indicted on federal drug charges,” Kristen Doerschner, Dec. 15, 2011