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September 2011 Archives

PA judge who jailed juveniles for bribes sentenced to 17 ½ years

The second of two former Pennsylvania judges who federal prosecutors say engaged in a "kids for cash" scheme with a pair of private juvenile detention centers was sentenced to 17 ½ years in prison on Sept. 23. At the sentencing hearing in a Scranton courthouse, the former judge apologized for the fraud scheme, which involved the judges incarcerating about 4,000 innocent youths in exchange for bribes.

Man accused of taping women at salon now faces child porn charges

A 29-year-old man from suburban Pittsburgh who has been charged with videotaping women in a tanning salon without their knowledge is facing additional charges of possession of child pornography following the seizure of laptop computers found at his home. He was arrested in connection with the child pornography charges on Sept. 20. The man was already in custody awaiting trial on charges related to his alleged voyeurism.

County official insists defendant was high despite lack of symptoms

A man on trial in Alleghany County for vehicular homicide in the death of a woman in June 2010 was high on marijuana at the time of the accident, an official with the county Medical Examiner's office said during her testimony on Sept. 20. Though she admitted that the defendant exhibited none of the traditional signs of marijuana intoxication, she insisted that the "totality of the circumstances" supported her contention.

Gun assaults, other crimes dropped in Pittsburgh last year

New crime statistics from the federal government show that the number of gun crimes in Pittsburgh dropped in 2010. The drop was part of an overall sharp reduction in crime in the city, which mirrored a lower number of theft and violent crimes in the United States.

Pennsylvania money laundering guilty plea lacks plea agreement

Recently, Robert Stinson Jr. entered a guilty plea to fraud and money laundering, with no plea agreement in place. With a number of charges filed against him in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, he faces sentences totaling up to 329 years. Authorities claim his confession acknowledges using an investment firm as a front for a Ponzi scheme. They claim he admits to simply spending investor funds without attempting to reinvest them. They accuse him of just spending it all on a lavish lifestyle.

Are more Americans turning to illegal drugs?

In Pennsylvania's criminal justice system, the consequences a defendant faces when he or she is faced with a drug charge can vary quite widely. This is because people ranging from casual users to drug distributors can face criminal charges related to illegal drugs. In addition, a recent study indicates that a growing number of U.S. adults are using illegal drugs.

Pittsburgh police officer faces prostitution and drug charges

Last week, a 16-year veteran of the Pittsburgh police force was arrested and arraigned on charges of promoting prostitution, purchasing drugs, insurance fraud, making false reports to law enforcement and obstruction of justice.

Convicted felon turns in found gun, but gets charged anyway

Pennsylvania law and federal law both prohibit a felon from possessing a firearm. Now, we are seeing a news story indicating that a convicted felon faces Pennsylvania weapons charges even after he voluntarily turned a handgun that he found by the side of a road in to police.

Pennsylvania co-defendant deals with tax fraud charges

Tax evasion is a serious charge. Depending on the circumstances surrounding allegations of tax evasion, the government could pursue a fine or penalty. Unfortunately for some people, like a co-defendant in an ongoing tax evasion case in Pennsylvania, criminal charges are filed.

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