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August 2011 Archives

Pittsburg federal grand jury indicts man on fraud charges

A federal grand jury in Pittsburg has indicted a man in relation to allegations of allegedly improper real estate dealings. The accused had already been indicted in March for allegedly filing false tax returns. The recent indictment was specifically related to accusations of wire fraud.

Third Circuit applies new crack sentencing rules to old cases

Last year, Congress passed the Fair Sentencing Act with the intent of reducing the sentencing disparity between crimes involving crack cocaine and crimes involving powder cocaine. In practice, this law reduced the sentences defendants face for crack crimes. However, the law left some open questions about how the law should be applied to people who were charged with federal drug crimes before the changes went into effect, but were sentenced after the changes went into effect.

Accused granted new trial in Bear Rocks murders

A criminal defendant, now 59 years old, is being granted his third trial in the famous 1977 shooting of two men at a Fayette County resort. Recently, a Pennsylvania judge ruled that prosecutors in the previous trials have withheld crucial evidence that supported the defendant's innocence.

37 charged in Pennsylvania prescription drug investigation

Although prescription drugs are legal when properly prescribed and used, prescription drugs are still controlled substances in Pennsylvania, and people can face state and federal drug charges if they violate the laws that control prescription drugs.

Court of appeals rules for defendant in loss calculation case

When defending against federal white collar crime charges, an important aspect of the case is the loss calculation. The potential sentences defendants face often depend on this loss calculation, which considers the amount of financial harm caused by financial or economic crimes.

Clemens Cites double jeopardy in motion to end federal case

Two weeks after a federal judge declared a mistrial in Roger Clemens' perjury and obstruction of justice trial, attorneys for the baseball great filed a motion to dismiss the federal charges against him once and for all.

Pennsylvania man acquitted of some white collar criminal charges

A Pennsylvania man, who was facing multiple charges for white collar crimes, was recently before a federal court in Pennsylvania. The 67-year-old was the former vice president of LeNature Inc., a beverage company based in Western Pennsylvania.

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