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"Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You."
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‘The Wire’ actress arrested during drug bust

| Mar 16, 2011 | Federal Drug Charges |

In a case of life allegedly imitating art, Felicia Pearson was arrested during a drug bust and she is facing the possibility of federal drug charges.

Pearson is best known for her role on the HBO series “The Wire.” Pearson played Snoop, a young gangster and assassin who completed the duties of her job with an eerie calm. Pearson has been praised by viewers who believe that she gave one of the most memorable performances by a supporting actor on the series.

According to a statement by Ava Cooper-Davis, a Drug Enforcement Administration special agent, the raid took down an entire drug trafficking organization. Cooper-Davis stated that the authorities arrested everyone who was believed to be involved with the drug organization. Pearson may be charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin as a result of her arrest.

The drug bust included the arrests of nearly 40 people and the indictment of over 60 defendants. Pearson’s alleged role has not been made public.

Pearson had served prison time prior to joining the cast of “The Wire.” The creator of the show, David Simon, stated that she had lived one of the most difficult lives one could imagine, but indicated that any good fortune that came from her work on the show has been limited to her success on the show.

Simon supported Pearson in a public statement arguing that “the war on drugs has devolved into a war on the underclass” and lashed out against a lack of opportunities for young people in a poor economy by stating that drug organizations are often the only businesses still hiring.

The arrest took place in East Baltimore, a part of Maryland that has been depicted as a decaying urban area on the television series.

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