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Pennsylvania court denies request in internet sex crime case

Sex-related offenses involving children are often aggressively prosecuted in Pennsylvania. Defendants, however, are entitled to the most aggressive and experienced support available. In many situations, this type of assistance is crucial toward a positive outcome when internet sex crime charges have been filed.

One of the things a defense attorney can do for a client is investigate all the details concerning the actions of law enforcement agents, any searches or seizures that may have taken place, as well as the direct process of the arrest itself. In the past, many attorneys have determined that investigating and/or arresting officers failed to act according to strictly prescribed protocols, thus possibly violating the personal rights of the accused. In a recent situation, a man who has already been incarcerated for sexual assault claims that officers searched his cell phone without first obtaining the required warrant.

Federal drug case involves alleged heroin crimes

A situation recently developed in another state that resulted in many arrests. Some officials have commented that the federal drug case has brought down a major heroin ring in the area. Similar incidents in Pennsylvania in the past have prompted defendants to seek aggressive defense assistance before they faced their charges in court.

Seven different people were arrested in conjunction with the recent drug investigation. Authorities say there is an eighth person involved. They expect him to turn himself in before long.

Fighting federal drug charges may preserve your reputation

Being formally accused of a crime may adversely affect one's reputation. Especially for those to whom good standing in a community is important, being faced with federal drug charges may place personal and professional reputations at risk. It is often possible to build a strong defense against such charges. In Pennsylvania, the process is typically begun by securing experienced criminal defense guidance.

Much is often at stake when standing trial on serious drug charges. If convicted, a defendant may face decades of time behind bars, as well as substantial monetary fines that may wreak financial devastation upon his or her family. Exploring all available options toward a strong defense is often made easier by enlisting the assistance of a skilled criminal attorney.

Couple faces federal drug charges, police want their help

Being held in jail in Pennsylvania would obviously be a stressful experience. A situation may become complicated for those facing federal drug charges if law enforcement agents start asking for their help to aid in further investigations. This appears to the case in another state where a man and woman have been arrested on suspicion of selling carfentanil.

This drug is said to be at least 10,000 times more potent than morphine. Authorities involved in the case have said they hope the man and woman will cooperate in their investigation by providing information that may lead them to other suspects higher up in the drug distribution chain. Whether the defendants provide authorities with the information they are seeking remains to be seen.

Man from Pennsylvania charged with identity theft

U.S. Marshals have been pursuing a man from Pennsylvania accused of stealing the identity of his girlfriend's former spouse. The 25-year-old has been formally charged with identity theft, but he was in another state when he was arrested. Authorities claim the man committed several other crimes, as well.

The accused is said to have obtained property through false information. Officials say there was also an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Pennsylvania related to a probation violation. The former husband of the man's girlfriend apparently alerted authorities that his identity might have been stolen when he applied for a car loan and was denied.

Your online activity may be considered an internet crime

Millions of people, including many in Pennsylvania, frequently engage in online activities. Some use the internet for business, others for pleasure and social networking, while still others may access various websites and documents for educational purposes. Those who log on to public websites are advised to choose their online activities carefully so as not to participate in anything that may cause them to be suspected of committing an internet crime.

Law enforcement agents often monitor particular websites, especially when they believe there are illicit activities involving minor age children. Also, in many situations where someone is suspected of unlawful money transactions, police may obtain a search warrant to access a personal computer or cell phone to review recent online histories. Merely being accused of an online offense, however, does not constitute guilt.

Several plead not guilty to federal drug charges

In Pennsylvania and other states, when situations include both state and federal charges, the state charges may be dismissed in order to more aggressively pursue the federal charges, which usually carry more severe sentences. Such appears to be the case regarding federal drug charges filed against three people in another state. They have each been indicted and have entered not guilty pleas.

An undercover police officer is said to have signaled other law enforcement agents working with him to move in on suspects allegedly selling methamphetamine in their sting operation. Officers claim they arranged a meeting with three people who agreed to sell the drug. The purported sale may have been worth as much as $90,000.

Police search Pennsylvania home for child pornography

When Pennsylvania police knock on a person's door and search his or her home, life may become instantly challenging in many ways. If a search leads to an arrest or criminal charges, the negative impact of the situation may be immediate and long-lasting. In a recent incident involving suspected child pornography, one man lost some of his personal liberties as soon as he was arraigned.

The man is a 43-year-old music teacher who is also said to hold a Juris Doctor degree from Temple University.  Advertisements for his music lessons state that he instructs nearly 50 students per week who range in ages from eight to 65. Since he was accused of receiving child pornography via email, he has been barred from any internet usage, as well as forbidden to have contact with children without supervision. 

Husband and wife plead guilty to federal fraud charges

Stealing money from Social Security is a serious crime that may obviously produce severe repercussions, if charged and convicted. Merely being accused of fraud or other white collar theft in Pennsylvania, however, is not proof of one's guilt. In some circumstances, however, some defendants determine it is within their best interests to plead guilty in court. This is often accomplished alongside experienced legal counsel and as part of a negotiated plea agreement with prosecutors.

In a recent situation in another state, a couple is awaiting sentencing after entering guilty pleas regarding federal charges against them. One of the defendants, a 45-year-old man, applied for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, claiming that he was unable to work due to chronic pain in his back. He is said to have agreed to notify appropriate officials if his condition improved.

Preserving one's image when charged with fraud in Pennsylvania

No one wants to be viewed as a criminal in his or her community. In Pennsylvania and all other states, there are generally various options available to help preserve the reputation of someone who has been accused of fraud or other financial crimes. Many who stand accused are later found innocent after presenting strong defenses in court.

Entire families often suffer the negative effects of criminal allegations, even if only one member of the family is accused. To avoid potential future problems when trying to purchase or rent a home, or seek gainful employment, a person suspected of  fraud will want to seek immediate criminal defense assistance, perhaps even before any charges are filed. A skilled attorney may be able to ward off formal charges by gathering information and evidence on behalf of a client under investigation.

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