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Fast food workers face assault charges after fight

In Pennsylvania and across the United States, there are frequently videos on social media making light of physical altercations in fast food restaurants. While many might be amused, it is certainly not funny if people are injured and there are assault charges. A conviction for assault and battery can result in long-term penalties, including jail time and fines. There can be problems after the sentence has been served, as these charges can rise to the felony level and might follow the person in all aspects of life. Oftentimes, these are individuals who are in their late-teens and just starting out in life.

According to recent reports, a fight outside a McDonald's led to a man suffering paralyzing injuries and resulted in two female employees being arrested for assault. The incident happened in the late evening after 10 p.m. The injured man and a female companion had a dispute with another person. One of the female workers confronted the couple and then the other joined in as a fight ensued. One worker, 25, was charged with felony aggravated assault. The other, 18, is charged with misdemeanor assault.

Questions about breathalyzer accuracy could help DUI defense

Drivers in Pennsylvania who are stopped by law enforcement due to suspicion of driving under the influence will undoubtedly understand how the results of a breath test can impact their case. If they register over the legal limit, they will likely be arrested and face DWI offenses. Still, there is a fundamental belief that breath tests are accurate and a driver who surpassed the legal limit will have a difficult time avoiding a conviction. A new report suggests that these tests might not be as accurate as they are portrayed. This opens a door for those who are charged with DWI and who adamantly protest that they are innocent to craft a defense strategy and attempt to avoid the penalties of a conviction.

The report from the New York Times indicates that breath tests could be unreliable, with a push to render their results inadmissible. According to the reporters' research, law enforcement is increasingly reliant on these devices. In addition, laboratories cut corners because of the need to complete the tests in a certain timeframe. While there is not one specific cause for the machines being unreliable, flaws within the machine itself or its programming oftentimes are not repaired or addressed. Another reason is a lack of calibration. Since questioning the accuracy of the machines will result in arrests being thrown out, law enforcement is viewed as reluctant to protest about the problems to a significant degree.

Three people placed under arrest for drug charges

Drugs and the negative impact they have on people and society is a growing problem in Butler, throughout Pennsylvania and across the nation. Law enforcement officials make frequent arrests for drug offenses. Oftentimes, this is linked to manufacturing, distribution and trafficking. In many cases, however, people who are addicted to drugs are arrested as well. In some cases, there could be the potential to avoid the harshest legal consequences and provide treatment with a drug diversion program in lieu of punishment. Regardless of the circumstances in a case, those charged should be fully aware of their rights.

According to recent reports, a search of an apartment resulted in three people being placed under arrest for drug offenses. Law enforcement officials reportedly had a search warrant for the residence and executed it after 9 p.m. When they arrived, they found three people: a 46-year-old man, a 40-year-old woman and a 35-year-old man. In the apartment, law enforcement officials allegedly discovered drug paraphernalia, marijuana, crack, heroin and items to package drugs. Surveillance items and significant cash were also allegedly found. The people at the residence are facing felony charges.

Man arrested on DWI charges after fleeing and crashing in Butler

For people in Butler and throughout Pennsylvania, having a driver's license and a clean record is an important part of their daily lives. When they are confronted with the prospect of losing their driving privileges and even being arrested and jailed, it is critical to understand how to avoid these potential consequences that often accompany charges for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. The penalties can be made worse if the situation involves fleeing law enforcement and a crash.

According to recent reports, a police chase in Butler resulted in a man crashing his vehicle into a bowling alley and attempting to flee on foot. He was arrested. According to law enforcement, the man was driving a Dodge Dakota and did not use his turn signal when he stopped. After witnessing this violation, the officers tried to pull the vehicle over. The driver, a 54-year-old man, drove away. Law enforcement pursued.

What are the laws and penalties for kidnapping?

Any arrest in Pennsylvania will inevitably cause problems regardless of the allegations. For some charges, however, those allegations can have severe long-term consequences in a legal sense, along with a stigma for the person even after the case is over. A prime example is if the arrest is for kidnapping. It is important to know the law for kidnapping and how significant the penalties can be so that a strong defense can be formulated.

There will be a charge of kidnapping if someone removes a person from the location where that person was found and unlawfully takes that person elsewhere or confines that person in isolation to do the following: receive ransom or reward or have the person function as a hostage or shield; use that person as part of a felony or flight after the felony; to injure or terrorize the person or another individual; or to prevent a public official from performing political or government responsibilities. If the kidnapping is of a minor, it will be a person under age 18 in the same circumstances as the above laws for kidnapping.

Police use checkpoints to find drivers committing DWI offenses

There are many ways in which drivers in Pennsylvania can be stopped for an investigation to determine if driving under the influence is taking place. Oftentimes, law enforcement officials are on patrol and see a driver behaving suspiciously or exhibiting possible hallmarks of DUI or DWI. In other instances, law enforcement officials will set up a checkpoint to randomly stop vehicles and check to see if drivers might be intoxicated. While this can lead to an arrest, a conviction and the potential consequences, drivers should consider their alternatives for a defense when they are arrested in this way.

A recent highway sobriety checkpoint resulted in five arrests. Local law enforcement officials combined with the Checkpoint Strike Force of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. The checkpoint was set up in a shopping area. At least 1,100 vehicles passed by the area. During the traffic stops, there were eight people who were asked to submit to field sobriety tests.

What acts will lead to state charges for robbery in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania residents might have a basic understanding of the terms "theft" and "robbery," but may be unsure of what acts will result in these allegations and charges. Given the potentially serious penalties a person will face if there is a conviction on state charges for robbery, it is important to understand when these charges will be filed.

There will be a charge of robbery if a person commits a theft and, while the theft is taking place, does the following: causes another person to suffer from a serious bodily injury; makes threats to another or puts another person in fear of there being serious bodily injury; commits or makes a threat that there will be a first or second-degree felony during the robbery; causes injury to another or issues a threat that the person will immediately be in fear of bodily injury; takes or removes property from the person by using force, even if it is slight force; or takes money from a financial institution and does not have the permission to do so by making oral or written demands of an employee.

Allegations of theft of funds leads to arrest of local teacher

Schools in Butler and throughout Pennsylvania often have money allocated for extracurricular activities, like sports. Teachers have access to this money. In some cases, if a certain amount goes missing, there may be allegations that a teacher or other school administrator stole it. When there is an arrest on these types of charges, it can have long-term consequences in a personal and professional way.

According to reports, a local teacher is facing charges that she stole $700 from the school's basketball program. According to the investigation, she was running the program. When the books were examined, it was found to be short of the money that was supposed to be there. The teacher is accused of taking the money and spending it on personal items, including her cellphone and groceries. She teaches special education at the school and ran the basketball financial program for several years.

Your sentence after a criminal conviction

Facing criminal charges means your future is uncertain. You may not know what to expect tomorrow let alone what may happen when your trial is over. In Pennsylvania, you have several disadvantages to consider when building your defense strategy. For example, mandatory minimums and other factors may make you think twice before entering a plea of guilty.

If the charges prosecutors filed against you carry penalties that include jail or prison, you know what this can do to your life. Your family, your job and your future may all suffer in your absence. This is why it is important that you understand how criminal sentencing works so you can assist your attorney in preparing a strong defense against the charges.

Man faces vehicle theft and assault charges after biting officer

People who are arrested for crimes in Butler and across Pennsylvania could find themselves in difficult circumstances with major allegations and the possibility of extensive penalties. Vehicle theft is a serious charge, but when that is compounded by resisting arrest and assault charges on a law enforcement officer, the person will face the prospect of a significant jail sentence. People arrested on these or similar allegations should be aware of their options for formulating a comprehensive defense strategy.

According to recent reports, a 29-year-old man is facing felony charges after a traffic stop allegedly turned violent. The incident occurred at around 10:30 p.m. when the vehicle the man was driving was stopped by law enforcement officials. The vehicle, a blue Chrysler PT Cruiser, had previously been reported as stolen. When officers spoke to the man, the man was said to have screamed at them and gotten aggressive.

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