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Although the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the federal sentencing guidelines are advisory and not mandatory, many judges treat them as if they were. If you are convicted of a federal crime, you face the likelihood of receiving a lengthy prison sentence. With experienced legal representation, however, it may be possible to obtain departures or variances from the advisory guideline range, which could potentially significantly reduce the length of the ultimate sentence.

Stephen M. Misko at PennLaw, LLC, has defended clients in cases involving federal crimes since 1991. Prior to that, he worked for many years as a federal agent and state prosecutor. He has a thorough familiarity with the federal sentencing guidelines, and the circumstances that allow departures or variances from these guidelines. When a conviction cannot be avoided, Mr. Misko works tenaciously to obtain the best possible sentencing outcome for every client.

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The statutory factors federal judges must follow are spelled out in 18 U.S. Code Section 3553. Variances established in this statute, as well as certain sections of the sentencing guidelines, allow a judge to depart from the guideline sentence established in the presentence report. These include the health and personal history of the defendant, the health of family members, alcohol or drug dependency and other related factors. Stephen M. Misko will carefully review your situation and use every available means to obtain the lowest obtainable sentence.

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Stephen M. Misko has defended people accused of federal drug crimes, sex offenses, internet pornography, mail/wire fraud, firearms crimes, bank robbery, white collar crimes and other major felonies since 1991. Mr. Misko believes that everyone who is accused of a crime deserves a strong and effective defense, and does not hesitate to go to trial. He will work tirelessly to protect your rights and preserve your freedom every step of the way.

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