Are You Facing Federal Or State Bank Robbery Charges?

Bank robbery is a serious federal offense. If convicted, you face the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence. Bank robbery cases usually involve one or more weapons charges as well as the underlying robbery charge. These related charges can significantly enhance the penalties and add consecutive jail time to the sentence. You will need a strong and effective defense effort.

Stephen M. Misko is a former federal agent and criminal defense attorney with experience defending people accused of bank robbery, armed robbery, weapons charges, violent crimes and other serious felony charges in state and federal courts. He aggressively defends each client, carefully investigating the factual and legal issues, and seeks to achieve the best outcome for his client.

Successful Defense Strategies

In a robbery case involving weapons charges, one or more defense strategies may be available. Stephen M. Misko will analyze these and explain your legal options. Whenever possible, Mr. Misko will seek to break the connection between the weapon and the defendant in a robbery case, which will significantly reduce the possible punishment in the case. Acquittal is always the goal, but reduction of charges can also be an alternate goal.

Stephen M. Misko is thoroughly familiar with state and federal sentencing guidelines and ways to mitigate potential penalties. He will use any and all means to reduce potential penalties, including arguments based on drug or alcohol use by the defendant, mental health issues, or other issues that may produce an outcome far better than that proposed by the prosecutor.

If you have been arrested on armed robbery or bank robbery charges, your freedom and your future are at stake. PennLaw, LLC, will be your strong advocate, working tirelessly to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

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