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Federal prosecutors often rely on wiretap evidence in cases involving drug crimes, weapons trafficking, white collar crimes and other criminal charges. If this evidence is unchallenged and allowed into court, it can prove highly damaging to a defendant. There may be ways to exclude this evidence and limit the damage, depending on the circumstances of the case.

As a former federal drug and firearms agent, prosecutor, and a criminal defense attorney, with over 20 years of trial experience, Stephen M. Misko understands the constitutional and legal issues that wiretaps present. Mr. Misko aggressively defends his clients at each stage of the legal process. Often times, wiretapped conversations are the only evidence in a drug conspiracy case. As such, Attorney Misko takes every opportunity to challenge the admissibility of wiretap evidence pretrial and seeks to exclude or limit the often negative effects of these conversations that are introduced at trial.

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A Proactive Defense Effort

Large multi-defendant federal drug conspiracy cases typically involve wiretap evidence. In building a defense to the conspiracy charge, it is essential to exclude or minimize the wiretapped conversations before they reach the jury's ears. Attorney Stephen M. Misko understands the law that governs the authorization of wiretaps. Mr. Misko will challenge the legitimacy of the authorization and content of the conversations through pretrial motions.

If evidence from a telephone wiretap, text message, e-mails, etc. is allowed into court, Stephen M. Misko will seek to challenge the authenticity of the content of the messages as it relates to his client. This task is easier when the defendant is not specifically referred to in the recorded conversation, text, or e-mail.

PennLaw, LLC has experience in all types of federal drug trafficking, weapons and white collar cases. In defending you, our firm will work to build a strong and effective defense of your rights and your freedom.

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