Protecting Your Rights In Search Warrants Cases

A search warrant is a powerful piece of paper. It authorizes the police or federal agents to enter your home or business and engage in a highly intrusive search that can produce or manufacture evidence damaging to a criminal defendant's case. If a search warrant has been sought or executed in your case, your defense attorney must seek to exclude any evidence gathered as a result of that warrant.

At PennLaw, LLC, we aggressively challenge the legitimacy of every search warrant. We have represented clients in both state and federal courts and have been successful excluding evidence against our clients either based on false information contained in the warrant (Franks hearing) or because of a lack of probable cause or defect in the warrant. No warrant, no case!

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Experienced Pennsylvania Search Warrant Attorney

Stephen M. Misko is a former federal agent and prosecutor who has worked on many high-level cases involving search warrants. He now uses his knowledge to challenge the legitimacy of search warrants when defending his clients. Mr. Misko is knowledgeable in the law, thorough in his approach and determined to get results for his clients.

Achieving Success In A Franks Hearing

A Franks hearing is used to determine whether statements made by a police officer in an affidavit used to obtain a search warrant are, in fact, truthful. If the veracity of the statements can be successfully attacked, it is possible to get a search warrant voided and to exclude any evidence obtained in a search. Although the standard of proof required in a Franks hearing is high, it does not deter our approach in challenging every aspect of the search warrant.

Stephen M. Misko will carefully examine all aspects of your case to develop evidence in support of your defense. He will aggressively seek to get the search warrant and any evidence produced as the result of the warrant thrown out.

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