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Cases involving federal drug trafficking are among the most difficult to defend. They require intense scrutiny, careful evaluation of the factual and legal issues — and aggressive representation by an experienced advocate.

Attorney Stephen M. Misko is a former federal firearms and drug agent and state prosecutor. As a defense lawyer, he has handled more than 50 high level federal drug trafficking and conspiracy cases. He utilizes retired DEA agents to assist in the investigation and defense of his drug clients. This combined experience provides him with an inside view of investigative procedures and insights into federal prosecutors means and methods' of prosecuting their cases . Stephen M. Misko will work tenaciously to defend you every step of the way.

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"I believe in aggressively defending my client on all counts in the indictment — including any related conspiracy or money laundering charges." — Stephen M. Misko

Defending Your Rights and Freedom

When representing you, Stephen M. Misko will undertake a comprehensive examination of all factual and legal issues in your case. He will comb through all discovery documents looking for flaws in the government's case. He will examine the motives and assertions made by indicted and unindicted conspirators. Whenever possible, he will make aggressive use of motions to suppress evidence obtained by wiretaps and search warrants. Stephen M. Misko will aggressively defend you at all stages of the legal process.

Put Our Experience to Work for You

Stephen M. Misko has defended clients indicted in numerous cases involving federal trafficking drug charges. He is skilled at both pretrial and trial litigation. If your choice is to go to trial, Stephen M. Misko will defend you with skill and unending determination.

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