Arson Defense Lawyer

Former Arson and Explosive Investigator for the ATF

Arson charges can be filed against anyone who simply possesses explosives or other unregistered incendiary devices that lead, or could lead, to commercial or residential fire. In fact, if federal investigators find evidence of interstate transportation or purchase of accelerants or explosive materials, the owner and transporter can face arrest on federal charges.

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Whether you are facing state or federal charges for arson or possession of explosives, you need experienced legal defense. You are facing a potentially long prison sentence.

More Than 20 Years of Effective Criminal Defense Representation

Attorney Stephen M. Misko is a former ATF special agent, as well as a former prosecutor in Western Pennsylvania. Our firm knows how federal and state investigators gather evidence and draw conclusions that often lead to charges.

"I have several years of experience as an arson and explosive investigator for the ATF. I understand how prosecutors develop their cases. They want to see a conviction, even when the facts don't warrant the charges. I provide aggressive, effective defense representation, focused on the real facts." - Trial Lawyer Stephen Misko

From our offices in Butler, we represent clients charged in state and federal courts with arson and possession of explosive materials.

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