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The outcome of your criminal case depends, in large part, on your defense lawyer's experience. All experience is not created equal. If you are looking for an effective defense attorney, look beyond the law school diploma on the wall.

Former prosecutor and federal agent

Stephen M. Misko has worked his entire life in the criminal justice system, as a police officer, a federal investigator, state prosecutor and defense attorney. He knows how evidence is gathered and how rights can be ignored. Our firm offers real criminal justice experience that most other law firms don't.

"Our extensive knowledge of the state and federal criminal justice system is your strongest asset, as we fight aggressively to get the best possible outcome if you are charged with a criminal offense." — Stephen M. Misko

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Right now, you need to feel comfortable knowing that you can communicate openly and will have the strongest possible advocate on your side. In a free consultation, Stephen M. Misko can review your situation and provide an honest evaluation of your legal options.

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At PennLaw, LLC, we focus exclusively on criminal defense. We represent clients in federal, state and municipal courts in cases involving:

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