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October 2016 Archives

Doctor trying to avoid prison after tax evasion conviction

Doctors in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are just like everyone else when it comes to filing taxes; meaning, they must adhere to all tax laws and regulations. An anesthesiologist in another state was convicted of tax evasion earlier in 2016. Since then, the doctor has been trying to avoid prison by acting alongside defense representation in court.

Child solicitation no small matter in Pennsylvania

Prosecutors aggressively prosecute all persons suspected of sexual wrongdoing with minors in Pennsylvania. Often, situations escalate to the point that federal law becomes involved. In many child solicitation cases, it is noted that suspects used the internet to communicate with their alleged victims, even if later meetings occur in person.

When fraud threatens your future

Many people in Pennsylvania work very hard to preserve their good reputations within their communities and places of business. Being accused of fraud can bring an abrupt halt to success. While every person is presumed innocent, unless proved otherwise in court, merely being accused of criminal wrongdoing can have long-lasting negative impact on a person's future.

Husband convicted of internet sex crime, wife files for divorce

Merely being accused of criminal acts can wreak havoc and devastation upon families. If a conviction is handed down in court, life, as it has been known, will undoubtedly never be the same. Being accused of an internet sex crime or other unlawful act in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, however, is not enough to constitute guilt.

Man admitted downloading child pornography

If a person is a registered sex offender in Pennsylvania or another state and does something that causes trouble with the law, immediate negative consequences may occur. One man in another state was sent to jail on a $5,000 bail after appearing in court on a recent Monday. Authorities say he admitted that he had downloaded child pornography.

First corporate fraud charges, now tax offenses too

A man outside the state of Pennsylvania is facing several challenges regarding various federal charges that have been filed against him. At an earlier point in time, he was charged with corporate fraud. On a recent Thursday, more problems arose when a grand jury charged him with tax crimes. In situations such as this, a person accused often has much at stake, including his or her personal and professional reputation, and quite possibly, his or her freedom.

Pennsylvania court denies request in internet sex crime case

Sex-related offenses involving children are often aggressively prosecuted in Pennsylvania. Defendants, however, are entitled to the most aggressive and experienced support available. In many situations, this type of assistance is crucial toward a positive outcome when internet sex crime charges have been filed.

Federal drug case involves alleged heroin crimes

A situation recently developed in another state that resulted in many arrests. Some officials have commented that the federal drug case has brought down a major heroin ring in the area. Similar incidents in Pennsylvania in the past have prompted defendants to seek aggressive defense assistance before they faced their charges in court.

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