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June 2015 Archives

Man facing serious charges after identified in "selfie"

Social media has changed the way that we communicate and interact with the world. Specifically, many Pennsylvania residents feel as though an event has not truly taken place until it has been digitally documented and uploaded for the world to see. For one man, this urge to share virtually every aspect of his life has led to serious criminal charges.

Former priest enters guilty plea for child pornography

In certain cases, an individual who is charged with one or more federal crimes is best advised to accept a plea deal rather than face trial. These are difficult calls to make, as many people feel strongly that they can present a solid defense in a court of law. That said, defense attorneys are highly skilled at looking at all of the evidence held by the prosecution and making a determination about the risk of conviction. Such was the case for a former Pennsylvania priest who recently entered a guilty plea in connection with child pornography charges.

Internet crime conviction overturned on appeal

Many readers are aware of a high-profile case that has been making its way through the appeals process. The case centers on a Pennsylvania man who was convicted under a law than bans sending interstate communications that include a threat of harm to another person. The communications in question were online rants posted on the social media site Facebook. For many people, the Internet crime case is important, as it rests on the First Amendment right to free speech.

Fraud charges for Pennsylvania theater owner

Many Pennsylvania residents are familiar with the Bucks County Playhouse, an historic theater that sits along the Delaware River. A former owner of the theater was accused of fraud in relation to multiple insurance claims. In a recent court appearance, the man was found guilty of mail fraud and money laundering, and he now awaits sentencing in the matter.

Serious charges for 3 accused of robbery

Police have arrested three Pennsylvania men on suspicion of multiple robberies of five cell phone stores. The men are accused of planning and carrying out robberies at Verizon Wireless locations within the region for the alleged purpose of stealing cell phones and selling them elsewhere. They now face serious criminal charges, and will have the opportunity to present their responses before a federal court.

Multiple arrests in test-taking federal fraud case

The Western District of Pennsylvania recently released a 35-count indictment against 15 individuals charged with a large-scale test-taking scam. The scheme involved the solicitation of individuals to utilize fake passports to take college entrance exams on the behalf of Chinese nationals. The purpose of the organization was to enable individuals to apply for and be accepted into American universities without going through the proper entrance requirements. The fraud charges are the result of testing conducted primarily in the Pittsburgh area.

Federal drug case leads to arrest of 14 individuals

As part of the ongoing effort to stem the flow of illegal drugs into and out of the state of Pennsylvania, authorities recently announced the arrest of 14 individuals from Philadelphia. Those arrested are believed to be part of an international drug ring that transports heroin throughout the region and beyond. The federal drug case includes 108 charges against 37 people.

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